How to be a shopkeeper

6 Super- Simple Ways to Be a Successful Shopkeeper Auntie Kate of Too Good to be Threw 7 years ago An excerpt from Secrets of Successful Resalers, one of Products for the Professional Resaler. Instead of a dressing room hook, installation a brief (18″ to 24″) sturdy brass curtain rod to hang chances on. It’s less complicated for her to see her alternatives and to keep them neat. Open 10 minutes early and shut 10 minutes late. There’s nothing greater irate than a practicable patron with an inaccurate watch. Offer layaway. It saves a sale when an enthusiastic patron gets carried away; it engenders a return time out which ought to result in more buying; and it suggests your situation for consumer convenience and service. Layaways are properly worth the house and the minimal greater bookkeeping. Pay consignors in money each time possible. It motivates them into coming in greater often, bringing extra gadgets and developing traffic. Cash is extra comfortably spent if it’s in hand. Plus, paying in money will impress eavesdropping clients and on the spot then to turn out to be suppliers too. Don’t have a clock visible to shoppers. It will only remind them that time flies, and they’ll cease having fun. . . and buying! Get your reproduction of Secrets of Successful Resalers today. Best cheaper-than-lunch purchase you can make. After all, no depend how successful you already are… you favor to be ever more successful, don’t you?


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